Dog Of The Week -February 14


Dogs Name: Axel

Hometown: Sydney, Australia

Breed: Doberman x American Bulldog

My naughtiest habit is… Chewing Dad’s socks

If I wasn’t a dog i would be…. Human..I already think i’m a human so..if I wasn’t a human, I’d be a dog! I love going out with Dad where ever he goes.

I love to eat …: Sticks, bones, treats, socks, din dins, balls, did I say sticks..STICKS!!

Happy Valentines Day Axel! We think you are quite adorable but maybe you should find another toy to play with as that digital camera strap looks like it’s not designed to play tug of war with! 

We are going to send you and Uncle Chuck stick toy to fetch (not to eat please) and also a DOOG swim towel and foldable water bowl as it’s been so hot in Sydney and we know you will get lots of use out of them at the moment.

Congratulations on winning DOOG dog of the week and I hope you have a lovely Valentines Day and shower your Dad with love and kisses. 

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Dog Of The Week – 7th Feb


Dogs Name: Pearl

Hometown: Knoxville, Tn.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

My naughtiest habit is… Eating all the fruit off the fruit tree before it’s ripe.

If I wasn’t a dog i would be….Mom says I’d make a great politician because I like shaking hands and kissing babies…and kissing pretty much everyone and everything.

I love to eat … There is nothing I don’t like to eat! I eat fruit from the fruit trees, vegetables from the garden, bird seed that the wild birds knock down, and every single scrap of food that is dropped on the floor!

Pearl, your Mum is an amazing photographer and you are simply gorgeous. We hope you love the new DOOG Walkie Bag we are sending your Mum and the dog collar and lead set we are sending you for winning DOOG dog of the week! 

Be careful not to eat too much unripe fruit as you might get a tummy ache and that wouldn’t be nice. 

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Dog Of The Week – Jan 31st


Dogs Name: Abby

Hometown: Melbourne, Australian

Breed: Golden Retriever

My naughtiest habit is… Eating duck poo

If I wasn’t a dog i would be.… A rabbit

I love to eat … Pupchinos!

Oh my goodness Abby you are a funny thing drinking your puppychino with a big smile your face. What a lucky dog you are! This week you have won a Lazy Susan comfort toy and a new DOOG collar for entering DOOG Dog Of The Week. Stay cute and keep smiling you gorgeous thing. 

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Dog Of The Week – Jan 19th


Dogs Name: Alfie Perfecto

Hometown: Monaco

Breed: Schoodle

I am happiest when… I can run and jump and spin mid air at high speed! But secretly, I just love being cuddled by Mum (With a full tummy).

Once when I was on a walk …. I was so excited that Mum had a ball in her pocket and knew we were going to play, I  was too busy watching Mum’s pocket that I wasn’t watching where I was going and crashed straight into a bollard on the footpath. Mum laughed. I didn’t.

I love to eat …French croissants!

Alfie, what a pretty field of flowers you are enjoying in your picture. Life must be lovely in Monaco eating croissants and spinning in fields of lovely flowers.

 We are going to send you a new collar and lead set and a foldable dog bowl to show off in France.  Make sure you tell all your lovely french dog friends where you got them from!. Thanks for entering DOOG Dog Of The Week. 

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Dog Of The Week – Jan 12th


Dogs Name: Henrietta

Hometown: Ballarat, Australia

Breed: Labrador Retriever

My naughtiest habit is… Jumping on furniture when I am wet.

If I wasn’t a dog I would be….A professional swimmer or (due to my obsession with golf balls) I could also be a professional golfer.

I love to eat … As a Labrador I see it as my duty to eat anything and everything!! Decaying animal carcasses are probably my favourite.

Henrietta, hasn’t anyone ever told you that eating decaying animal carcasses is gross? You should stick to bones from the butcher or pigs ears or something a bit less stinky. 

We love the photo your Mum sent in of you fetching a pretend duck! We think you might like something new to fetch too, maybe a DOOG stick toy? Also seeing as you love the water so much we are going to send you one of our water friendly collar and lead sets. 

Thanks for entering DOOG dog of the week and stop jumping on the furniture or we might have to send Mummy a dog training clicker and a treat pouch to get your behaviour in check  😉

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Dog Of The Week – January 3rd


Dogs Name: Clyde
Hometown: York: Pennsylvania
Breed: Chocolate Lab
My naughtiest habit is...Eating anything & everything!
If I wasn’t a dog i would be.… A great boyfriend, I love to snuggle.
I love to eat … Peanut Butter, it runs in the family!

Happy New year Clyde, you are so stylish in your lovely sun hat. We think you should have a new DOOG collar and leash set, just because you are so handsome and will look amazing in them!  

Thanks for entering DOOG Dog Of The Week 

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Dog Of The Week – December 20th


Dogs Name: Oscar

Hometown: Western Sydney

Breed: Husky x Retriever

I am happiest when…In The Water

Once when I was on a walk …. I jumped into a lake so fast and far I took my owner and her phone with me.

I love to eat … Strawberries straight off the plant & Dentastix

Merry Christmas Oscar! We hope you get to have lots of nice swims over the summer break. Seeing as you love the water and retrieving we are sending you a DOOG Uncle Chuck stick to fetch in the lake and also a DOOG swim towel to dry you off when you get out! 

Thanks so much for entering DOOG Dog Of The Week!